Upton Broad – 2015

I knocked together a bit of kit that allowed me to record with binaural microphones mounted inside a blimp (microphone cover). The idea was to get the same full all round sound but without having to worry about the constant wind sound when using the ear plugs.

I explain on the Podcast a little more about how I constructed it and my hopes for the results.

But the proof is in the recording, so if you have half an hour to spare please join me on a walk around Upton Broad in Norfolk.

The microphones are Roland 10 EM plugged into an Olympus LS-11.

There’s even a bonus recording done with my new hydrophone!

NOTE – It was later pointed out to me that this isn’t really a binaural recording because of the way the microphones were mounted. But I still think it gave a lovely wide stern sound.

Recorded December 2015