GoGoDragon Auction 2015

GoGoDragons! 2015 was an arts sculpture trail that put 84 large dragon sculptures and 120 school dragons on the streets and in in the schools of Norwich. They all helped to raise awareness and money for the charity Break.

The whole thing ended with a huge charity auction at The Forum on 1st October 2015. Here’s the part of the auction where The Forum’s ‘Tuppence’ dragon was sold.

Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2009

The Norfolk and Norwich Festival claims to be one of the oldest arts festivals in the UK. Its roots can be traced back to the founding of the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital in 1772 when a concert was held at Norwich Cathedral.

Sir Henry Wood, founder of the annual Proms concerts in London, took charge of the Festival between 1908 and 1930.

In this recording we hear the crowds and the music of Le SNOB as they open up the 2009 Norfolk and Norwich Festival outside The Forum on 1st May 2009.

Recorded May 2009