Norwich Christmas 2015

It’s the last Saturday before Christmas and shoppers are out in force in Norwich.

I took a late morning walk starting outside The Birdcage where a young couple were singing and playing the guitar. Up Lower Goat Lane, though Norwich Market where the cafes were busy. The sound of the Salvation Ary Band greeted me onto Gentleman’s Walk before I passed more buskers on my way up to Orford Hill/Timber Hill.

The sounds and voices that surrounded me were wonderful.

Cheeky laughter filled the market. Music, both live and recorded, could be heard all around.

Up on Orford Hill a group dressed in brightly coloured clothes danced to folk music and were simply having the best of times.

So walk with me and listen to Norwich.

The binaural recording is best heard on headphones.

Recorded December 2015

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